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MATIS Cell Expert, Beauty Elixir. 30ml

MATIS Cell Expert, Beauty Elixir. 30ml

Inspired by the latest scientific discoveries in stem cell research, Matis innovates and creates the unique solution that your skin is looking for.
The Matis laboratory has developed MatiStem CC, an exclusive active ingredient made from white rose stem cells which acts on two principle anti-age mechanisms.
MatiStem CC protects the environment of cutaneous stem cells to help extend their ability to initiate the epidermis renewal process.
With its anti-oxidant properties, MatiStem CC helps prevent the damaging effects of free radicals on skin.
Results: day after day, boosted by a youthful impetus your skin is preserved and its radiance revived. This beauty elixir has a serum texture and is adapted to all skin types and all ages.
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